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Endangered Amphibians

Endangered Amphibians

Team 3: Gina Della Togna, Ph.D. and Juan Carlos León

Title of research: Application of assisted reproduction techniques in critically endangered amphibian species in captivity in Panama.

Read or download the publication dedicated to this collaboration.

For the English version of the entire LAB 2017 publication click here.

How can I help rescue the amphibians?
  • Participate in events that promote conservation.
  • Support scientists.
  • Raise awareness among authorities so that they pay more attention to this problem.
  • Avoid the spread of diseases and conserve their ecosystems:
    •  Wash shoes before and after visiting amphibian habitat.
    • Do not use pesticides.
    • Do not release pets in wild areas.

To learn more about the global amphibian crisis and conservation initiatives in Panama, you can visit Amphibian Rescue’s website.