Estudio Nuboso
#estarENcasa (being home)

#estarENcasa (being home)



Given the circumstances of the pandemic and quarantine, we wanted to take advantage of the global transformation underway to observe the lessons that COVID-19 has brought us, take advantage of this moment of care, pause and restoration, and to create a space for reflection and connection around the issues that interest us. We proposed to expand the notion of the word “house” to several dimensions: the house that is our body, the house as space we inhabit, the house as country or region, the house as planet we inhabit as a species. We facilitated online dialogues and open conversations about ‘practices of being’ in this moment, from the perspectives of art, science, ecology and communities. We’ve been sharing the program on our networks, and are delighted to share with you #EstarENCasa.

These are the sessions we hosted in 2020: