Estudio Nuboso

About us

We are an art and ecology organization based in Panama – we are a collective of artists, designers, educators and researchers who facilitate space and time for encounters between people, nature, science, culture and diverse communities. Meet our team

Our vision and mission

Our vision is to restore the relationship between humans and nature, as part of the global movement that seeks to create greater harmony and reciprocity with the planet. Our mission is to generate experiences and share knowledge that promote awareness and regenerative practices in individuals, communities and the environment.

What we do

In practice, we design multidisciplinary programs and encounters in different ecosystems, from residencies and workshops to publications and audiovisual projects. We believe that sustainability is strengthened by networks, so we promote and value our partnerships, working with individuals and organisations in Panama and the rest of the world.

Recent Projects

Art and Science Residency at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, part of the exhibition Barro Colorado Island: 100 años de descubrimiento y asombro en el Museo del Canal Interoceánico

Video by Tova Katzman

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Cuencas Sanas, Comunidades Fuertes (Healthy Watersheds, Strong Communities)

We have created a diploma course using the SUELO Methodology as a base. Endorsed by the Ministry of Education of Panama, we created it for the Marea Verde Foundation and its Environmental Awareness and Education Plan with teachers from 10 schools in the Juan Diaz River watershed – Panama City. Our goal is to promote ecosystem thinking, understanding and care of rivers, watersheds and communities with teachers, students and families. In this way we are also helping to achieve Marea Verde’s mission: to promote civic action and awareness to mitigate the problem of solid waste pollution in Panama’s rivers and coasts, and to promote the conservation of biodiversity and healthy environments.


Our programs are knowledge exchange formats and multidisciplinary encounters that we design using art and ecology as a conceptual basis. The combination of these disciplines promotes intersectional thinking and research, as well as free and creative action as we address the interconnectivity of life.

We are motivated by the possibility of transforming the way in which specialisation and individualistic development ideals have devastatingly divided us as a society. In order to collectively find solutions to the complex problems we face, we need to join forces and understand the full set of relationships and effects of every action and situation. We love to facilitate these connections.

Our programs offer time and space for reflection, collaboration and encounter between people who would not usually meet and collaborate in their day-to-day life, but who seek exchange outside their fields and benefit tremendously from it. In addition to these programs we collaborate on special projects, publications and offer advice to individuals and organisations. Get to know them by clicking on each image:


For any questions you can write us at or follow us on our social media: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

We are a non-profit association registered in Panama since 2012. We are available for collaborations both in Panama and elsewhere. If you like what we do and want to support us in our growth and outreach, don’t hesitate to contact us!