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Mangroves of Juan Díaz

Mangroves of Juan Díaz

Team 2: Licdo. Olmedo Pérez Núñez y Anna Handick

Title of research: Measurement of biological and physicochemical variables in water, soil and plant matter in the mangroves of Juan Díaz.

Read or download the publication dedicated to this collaboration in Spanish.

For the English translation of the entire LAB 2017 publication click here.

How can I adapt my daily activities to help save mangroves?
  • Starting with small actions is the key!Avoid using disposable plastic bottles.
  • Let’s put garbage where it belongs.
  • Participate in beach clean-up days.
  • Do not allow construction in mangrove areas.

To learn more about the state of our mangroves and conservation initiatives in Panama, you can visit Panamanglar.