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Flash LAB – Art and Science

Flash LAB – Art and Science

The Art and Science Flash LAB is an interdisciplinary workshop inspired by the experiences of the Art and Science LAB, designed to promote science outreach in a creative way and motivate changes in our society and the environment.

During two consecutive days of immersive interaction, artists and scientists receive cross disciplinary collaboration tools; find like-minded collaborators with whom to generate prototypes and ideas; discover possible ways and strategies for their ideas to reach a wide and diverse audience.

The workshop can be adapted in terms of duration and follow-up to the results that emerge, according to the needs of the institutions or organizations interested in this type of exchanges between sectors and disciplines. Our interest is to develop collaborations and innovative ideas that will bring about and accelerate positive changes in society.

The first workshop was held in February 2019 at the Casa del Soldado – Centro Cultural de España, in Panama City, co-organized by Estudio Nuboso, FundAHrte and SENACYT. Those selected were Panamanian scientists from INDICASAT, the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) and members of the National Research System. The selected artists were professionals in the fields of music, architecture, visual arts, theater, graphic design and cultural management.

Here you can view and download the digital Flash LAB 2019 Fanzine (in Spanish) where you can find more details about the workshop experience and the projects developed. The printed version of the fanzine can be purchased by writing to us at in exchange for a small donation.