Estudio Nuboso
LAB 2015 Publication

LAB 2015 Publication

The printed version is a small run of 100 copies. It has an introductory booklet and one for each project. All four are held together by a cloth belt, dyed with the natural colors extracted by Dr. Viviana Morales.

They are available in the following libraries:

  • Biblioteca Nacional de Panamá
  • Biblioteca de Boquete
  • Biblioteca de la UNACHI
  • Biblioteca del Museo de Arte Contemporáneo
  • Biblioteca del Smithsonian Instituto de Investigaciones Tropicales
  • Centro Cultural de España – Casa del Soldado
  • Biblioteca de la Escuela Internacional de Panamá

You can buy a copy for $35 in the following locations through direct contact, writing us at

* All funds collected through the sale of this publication go to Estudio Nuboso’s future projects.

AND THE DIGITAL VERSION IN ENGLISH to enjoy and share, free of charge 🙂