Estudio Nuboso


A portrait in words, voices and images of SUELO in SaLo, Punta San Lorenzo, Veraguas, Panama taken by 15 guests and community members of Arrimadero. The hand-printed and hand-bound limited edition is no longer available.
The LAB 2015: Chiriquí publication is a digital and physical edition of 100 copies. It has an introductory booklet and one for each project (3). The limited edition is held by a cloth belt dyed with the natural dyes of Professor Viviana Morales. The printed version is still available.
The LAB de Arte y Ciencia 2017: Panama City publication is available in digital format online and for those who prefer physical books, the printed version is a limited edition of 150 copies that is still available.
Here you can view and download the digital Flash LAB 2019 Fanzine (only in Spanish) where you can find more details about the workshop experience and the projects developed. The printed version is still available.