Estudio Nuboso
Suelo Heizhaus, Berlin-Wedding 2022

Suelo Heizhaus, Berlin-Wedding 2022

The Suelo Methodology Residency took place in Heizhaus Uferstudios, between April and June 2022. Invited by the PSR Collective, Ela Spalding (founder and creative director of Estudio Nuboso) took the opportunity to implement the Suelo Methodology on the Heizhaus space with 15+ guests, who contributed different aspects of the Suelo tools: the suelo profile or timeline, soil associations or uses and the spheres of engagement that soil allows.

The participants, who (for the most part) also contributed to this publication were:

Moss Beynon Juckes
Rosalind Masson
Florian Ruland
Silvia Noronha
Ignacio Jarquin
Georg Reinhardt of Club Real
Ian Warner
Lisa Stewart and Florence Freitag
Jared Gradinger
Ka Rustler
Ulrike Bernard
Martina Kolarek
Maicyra Leao
Rob Prideaux
Zabriskie Bookshop – Jean-Marie Dhur and Lorena Carràs
Regine Rapp of Art Laboratory

As there were quite a few audio outputs from the residency, whenever you see a soundwave line on a page you can find a corresponding recording in the playlist below.