– quiénes somos / who we are

Ela Spalding

Panamanian artist and founder of Estudio Nuboso. Fascinated by humans relationship with the environment, creativity, collectivity and its transformative potential in daily life, she facilitates various forms of exchange between art, culture, the natural sciences and communities.  She currently shares her time between Berlin and panama and works on building bridges between rural and urban, local and global cultural contexts to extend the dialogue between art & ecological thought and action. visit her website

Emily Zhukov

Es una artista reconocida al nivel nacional e internacional residente en Panama desde 1994. Ha sido profesora de arte en Florida State University y en la Escuela Nacional de Panama. Es miembro fundadora de Estudio Nuboso. Su interés en explorar el poder comunicativo del arte y promover sus conexiones interdisciplinarias la han llevado a liderar y participar en varias iniciativas para diseñar espacios, proyectos y curricula integrando las artes.

Rose Marie Cromwell

Rose is a photographic and social practice artist. She has published and exhibited her artwork internationally, and is also a founder of Cambio Creativo, a grassroots educational platform based in Coco Solo, Panama. For more info on her work click THIS

Jennifer Spector
Jennifer is a writer from New York City, living and working in Panama. She holds a B.A in Literature from Bennington College and an M.A in Literature from The City College of New York and has worked in publishing, education, bookbinding and in the arts. As a collaborator with Estudio Nuboso and the Suelo Project, she weaves her interests in art and writing with social arts engagement while assisting in the development of interdisciplinary collaborations. Recognition for her poetry has come in the way of a Summer Literary Seminars Fellowship, an Academy of American Poets Prize and through publication. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in La Vague, PSi #21-Fluid States: Performances of Unknowing, Promethean, Cannibal Love and elsewhere.
Anne Dillon

Sculptor, creator, and co-founder of EcoStudio, Anne Dillon is a thoroughly modern woman of the tropics. Having first dabbled in Jewelry Design, Anne opted instead to pursue her studies in Sculpture at the Savannah College of Art & Design. Her education at SCAD’s Savannah, Atlanta, and France campuses exposed Anne to an array of history, ideas and concepts, materials, techniques and tools. After completing her studies, Anne returned to Panama to teach art to children, to pursue freelance art and communication projects, and to amplify her talents as inventor and constructor. Anne currently dedicates her talents at Fundación Gunn Hill Panamá, establishing the first creative center for the Arts & Sustainability in Panama, to be known as EcoStudio Las Cruces.

Advisors / Consejeros

Charlotte Elton

born in England and educated at Oxford University, has been working and living in Panama since 1969, and is a founding member of the Panamanian Centre for Research and Social Action, CEASPA, that uses Paolo Freire´s methods in adult education. In 2007 she was awarded an Honorary M.A. degree from Conway School of Landscape Design, for her work as head of the CEASPA team with communities and public agencies for the protection and sustainable development of the former Fort Sherman area used for jungle operations training, now the San Lorenzo Protected Area. In 2013 CEASPA was awarded a Birdlife International Conservation Award for work that she helped to manage with communities in protected areas in Achiote, Colon and the Ngäbe-Buglé Indian Comarca on the Atlantic Coast in the Damani Wetlands and in the Talamanca cordillera cloud forests of Cerro Santiago. She represents CEASPA on the National Wetlands Committee and is a long term member of the Panama Audubon Society.

Paola Reyes 

is a sociologist whose research work has focused on social and economic globalization issues specifically concerning the adverse effects of multinational corporations (MNCs) on sustainable social development. Thus, she currently works for the Azuero Earth Project, led by landscapist Edwina von Gal.

Lucas von Stietencron

Osteopath, photographer and strong believer in the healing power of Art. Lucas advises Estudio Nuboso members in various ways, often donating his images for documentation and supporting the workflow of the organisation with his presence and gentle osteopathic approaches applied to daily life.

Patrick Dillon 

Architect,  planner, designer and owner of SaLo. In 1999 he founded ENSITU, S.A., (ESSA) an architecture and planning firm. Since 2008, Dillon represents the Sociedad Panameña de Arquitectos e Ingenieros (SPIA) in the Board of Planning for the Districts of Soná and Mariato, in the Province of Veraguas, in western Panama. He is also Vice-President and Secretary of the Fundación Colegio de la Tierra and godfather to the Festival Abierto.


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