Print Sale! Help Estudio Nuboso become a non-profit organization!
Print Sale! Help Estudio Nuboso become a non-profit organization!

Print Sale! Help Estudio Nuboso become a non-profit organization!

In order to collect the necessary funds to give Estudio Nuboso the legal status of non-profit, we are selling three photographs that were part of the collaboration in our first residency – in 2009-2010.
With the money received from the sale of these prints, we will be able to initiate the legal process which will give us access to more funding for our projects which will be launched this year – the multidisciplinary residential programs around the theme of SOIL / SUELO in SaLo (Pacific Coast of Veraguas, Panama).

The signed, frameless, archival prints can be ordered in the following formats:

8×10       $50
16×20    $150
20×24     $300
If you are interested, please contact Ela at (+507)6766 1728 or

+ About the residency… between December 2009 and January  2010, the artist couple Tove Sahlin and Dag Andersson from Sweden, came to Panama with their two daughters, Doris and Lilith, to work on Roses and Beans. Examining their own relationship, this piece addresses heteronormative relationships and the expectations that society imposes on both women and men – the difficult, ambiguous and beautiful task that results from living as a couple, constantly negotiating freedom and desire within the family institution.

The photographic collaboration was initiated in June 2008 in Ponderosa Tanzland, Germany – where I presented my ideas for Estudio Nuboso, which inspired them both to come to Panama for 7 weeks. The results of their stay here were three workshops for the community Cañas and Eco Venao in Azuero, as well as dancers in Panama City; two showings of the work in progress – in Eco Venao and in Diablo Rosso Gallery (where these photographs were also exhibited). Other photos from this series were exhibited prior to all this in Fotoseptiembre 2008 in Galería Arteconsult.

Roses and Beans premiered in Stockholm and Berlin in 2010, it was such a sucess that it continued to tour Europe for more than a year after that. 

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