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LAB 2015

LAB 2015

The first Art and Science LAB was held in Tierras Altas in the Province of Chiriqui from October 19 to November 15, 2015, thanks to the support of SENACYT and Arts Collaboratory (Fundación Hivos). The Selection Committee formed by artist Donna Conlon, designer Dominique Ratton Pérez and paleobiologist Aaron O’Dea selected the following artists and scientists:

Mycotoxin Free Coffee Production: Dr. Aracelly Vega and Carlos Fernández Rodríguez
Native microalgae: Dr. Ariadna Batista and José Carlos Zavarse Pinto
Production of natural dyes with local plants from Chiriqui: Dr. Viviana Morales and Román Florez

Additionally, the jury decided to award a special prize to the artist Carolina Borrero Arias to create a film documentary that explores the space of interdisciplinary collaboration generated by the LAB. This award was financed by the ARS Teorética Foundation (San José, Costa Rica) as part of its Grants Program to support Catalyzing Organizations.

The Art and Science LAB publications consist of an introductory booklet and 1 booklet for each selected artist-scientist team. Here to the digital PUBLICATION.